moTweets 1.9.2

Excellent Twitter client for Pocket PC


  • Stylish yet highly usable interface
  • Adds location based on GPS data
  • Quickly add photos from device or camera


  • Annoying ads


Looking for Twitter client for your Windows Mobile device? Then try moTweets, which proves to be one of the most effective apps of its kind on the WM platform.

moTweets is designed to give you fast access to Twitter while you're on the move. It allows you to check tweets from people you are following, view mentions, search Twitter, look at trends, access your Favorites, and much more. All of these functions are available from a sexy, touch-friendly drop-down menu on the left of the user interface.

Of course, moTweets also lets you post tweets from your mobile. And how wonderfully comfy this experience is. The large shortcut buttons allow you to quickly insert pictures into your tweets from your PDA's memory, or directly from the camera. There are also buttons for adding links, inserting your geolocation based on your GPS data, and for adding URLs.

The only thing to fault really in this version of moTweets is the fact that it's strewn with annoying banner ads. That said, if you upgrade to the full version these will disappear.

Overall, moTweets is one of the best Twitter clients you'll find for Windows Mobile.

200 tweets added Stability issue fixed for install to storage card


  • 200 tweets added Stability issue fixed for install to storage card


moTweets 1.9.2

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